Online Cookie Marketing & More

Girl Scout with cookies and phone

Smart Cookies is the hub for online Cookie Bosses!

Smart Cookies is our baker’s online order management system. Use Smart Cookies to enter orders, view troop cookie activity, place planned cupboard orders, place reward orders, track cookie payments and more! Please remember that the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a girl-led program and online marketing and sales efforts should always be led by a girl, with parents an volunteers there to help them on their way to success.

Girls can use their Order Card and the pre-pay girl delivery options through Smart Cookies. On our website, we have Door Hangers and Business Cards, as well as an updated Cookie Boss Profile poster this year. All resources have a space for QR code that girls can download from Smart Cookies taking customers to their online account. Customers simply scan the code with their phone, and it leads directly to the girl’s online store where a customer can place and pay for their order!

Using Smart Cookies, Girl Scouts can share a link to their cookie store by text, email or social media. Girls navigate to the “My
Orders”, then “Share My Cookie Link”. New this year, along with the web link, Smart Cookies has a QR code for each girl account!
Parents must approve each Girl Cookie Delivery order taken with the Social Media Link. An email is sent for each order and must be approved within 5 days.

More online selling and marketing information is included in both the Family Guide and the Troop Cookie Manager Guide. Please use this information to guide all online marketing. Online sales should only be transacted through Smart Cookies Direct.

Cookie Direct Ship

New in 2023, Girl Scouts introduced the Raspberry Rally – a thin, crisp cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in a chocolaty coating. This cookie is the first to be available EXCLUSIVELY via direct ship. This decision was made to encourage new skills for girls and to keep simplicity in the program. Raspberry Rally are not available for in-person sales and can not be ordered for booths or walkabouts. This year, our Order Card has a space for girls online Cookie Store QR code by the Raspberry Rally information, so customers can easily place their orders for this brand new cookie!

The Direct Ship option can be accessed through each girl’s online Cookie Store or through Troop Direct Ship. The Troop Direct Ship is a channel customers can use that supports prepayment via credit card, direct shipments to customer, the option to gift cookies to another person, and the credit of packages sold is automatically credited to the troop. When it comes time to distribute these cookies, just go to Orders and then choose Troop Direct Ship Orders. This will open a list of all troop direct ship orders, those needing distribution will be in red. When girls use their online marketing skills to share their Cookie Store link, their dashboards will automatically be updated with any sales they make. No manual entries are needed, making this process a breeze!

Direct Ship customers receive support directly from the bakery. When they place a Direct Ship order, the customer will receive an email to confirm their order, which will include an order number. Cookies will be out for delivery within 10-14 business days and customers will receive an email when the order ships from Fed Ex.

For direct-ship inquiries please contact Include the name, order and email address for faster service. Please note: Direct-ship orders cannot be cancelled or changed to Girl Cookie delivery orders.