Program Aide Training

Program Aide (PA) Training involves learning to work with children and adapting activities for special needs and situations. You’ll be ready to put your new skills to the test by completing hands-on activities that will prepare you for real-life situations working with younger kids in troops, at day camps, and at council and service unit events. This training is tons of fun, and you’ll leave feeling energized and ready to jump into various leadership roles with younger Girl Scouts!

Search for and sign up for one of our upcoming Program Aide training sessions HERE.

Can’t make it to our scheduled trainings? You can request training to come to you!

You provide:

  • The Girl Scouts (minimum of 20, maximum of 30 Girl Scout Cadettes)
  • The location. Must have enough tables and chairs for the number of participants and a large open space for group games and activities. This training is fully “unplugged,” meaning we do not need access to A/V equipment or Wi-Fi. Location examples include a Girl Scout property, community room, or school building.
  • Lunch (you can cater or have participants bring their own sack lunches)

We provide:

  • Program Aide Trainer(s)
  • All materials for the training
  • Program Aide Kit for Girl Scouts
  • Flyer templates and confirmation emails

Program Aide training is $25 per person. Adults are welcome (but not required) to stay and observe at no charge. All bookings are subject to staff availability. Contact Girl Scouts at or 888.747.6945 to start planning your adventure!