Inviting New Members & Community Awareness

The only way to keep Girl Scouts going strong is to continue to welcome new girls and volunteers! Our Service Team members know the families and organizations within their communities personally and are our best resources for finding ways to spread the word! Our Service Teams work with their Council staff person to coordinate local recruitment efforts and implement grassroots marketing efforts in their local communities.

Example Service Area Recruitment and Awareness Building:
  • Inviting friends and family to join
  • Putting up yard signs or posters in high-traffic locations
  • Hosting a bring-a-friend event
  • Distributing flyers in grocery bags or through local businesses
  • Sharing Girl Scout membership or volunteerism information on local websites/social media pages, newsletters, and church bulletins
  • Organizing a parade float or walking unit
  • Staff a Girl Scout booth or activity at school and community events, festivals, county fairs, etc.
  • Creating a display at a public library
Getting Your Girl Scout Events in the News
  • Ensure all volunteers and Girl Scouts have opted in to use their photos in the media.
  • Identify volunteers and Girl Scouts, well in advance, who are willing to give a statement or be on camera.
  • Remember, media coverage should be reserved for your most special events or accomplishments. Media coverage is not an expectation for all troop or service area events.
  • Follow up with your media contacts to share photos, videos, stories, or statistics.
  • Contact the council for the appropriate Girl Scout logos, photos, or videos to support your media request.
  • Brand Ambassador 101 for Volunteers is in gsLearn. In just 20 minutes, this onboarding video will bring you up to speed with our brand.