Service Area Bank Accounts & Finances

Each year, service areas receive two allocation payments from the Council. Service Areas can also raise funds through program events or other approved fundraisers.

Examples of Service Area expenditures:

  • Cover the expenses of Service Area program events so they can be very inexpensive or free!
  • Cover service area event fees, troop numbers, or additional insignia for girls with financial needs.
  • Provide start-up funds, books, or a supply kit for new troops.
  • Buy display boards or other recruitment material for use at school/community recruitments.
  • Fund thank you gifts and volunteer appreciation activities for leaders
  • Provide snacks/food for Service Area meetings.
  • Help fund community service projects.
  • Provide incentives for troops that reach special achievements, such as those that add girls, help with events, register early, etc.
  • Offer training opportunities for volunteers.
  • Provide gifts for graduating twelfth grade members or Gold Award recipients.
  • Offer Service Area patch programs.
Questions to consider:
  • How will your Service Area use funds this year?
  • What needs and opportunities exist within the Service Area? How can you use your funds to address these needs?

Expenses: After creating a yearly plan of work, Service Team members develop an annual budget to support the activities they wish to offer. Council staff can help with planning and budgeting. Just ask! Here is an example of a typical service area budget, showing the percentage of funds they plan to spend in each category:

  • Program services: 40% This includes expenses for providing program opportunities for girls, including supplies, facility rentals and extra activity insurance.
  • Volunteer development and recognition: 20% This would include items such as leader meeting materials, training fees, appreciation gifts, yearend volunteer celebrations, etc.
  • Assistance to individuals: 15% This includes support for individual girls or troops with financial needs to attend service area events or additional insignia or troop numbers. Note: Financial Assistance for memberships, basic uniforms, and council programs are funded by GSNWGL.
  • Resources: 10% This may include things such as a zoom meeting subscriptions or equipment/supplies for use by troops within the service area.
  • Start-up resources for new troops: 10% This provides a one-time start-up gift of money or materials for new troops. Troops are not expected to reimburse the service area.
  • Administration: 5% This includes expenses for administrative costs including photocopies, paper, postage, and meeting place rental fees.