Service Teams

The Service Team is made up of volunteers who support troops and leaders and help build a strong Girl Scout program in their local area. In this packet, we hope to provide you with helpful information to guide the work of your team. Your Membership Engagement staff is the primary Council liaison for Service Teams and can help with any questions or planning needs.

Service Team Duties

Recruit new girl members and volunteers and form new troops by building Girl Scout awareness within your community.

The only way to keep Girl Scouts going strong throughout our Council is to continue to welcome new girls and volunteers! Our Service Team members know the families and organizations within their communities personally and are our best resources for finding ways to spread the word! Our service teams work with their Council staff person to coordinate local recruitment efforts and implement grassroots marketing efforts in their local communities.

Example Service Area Recruitment and Awareness Building activities:

  • Inviting friends and family to join
  • Putting up yard signs or posters in high-traffic locations
  • Hosting a bring-a-friend event
  • Distributing flyers in grocery bags or through local businesses
  • Sharing Girl Scout membership or volunteerism information on local websites/social media pages, newsletters, and church bulletins
  • Organizing a parade float or walking unit
  • Staffing a Girl Scout booth or activity at school and community events, festivals, county fairs, etc.
  • Creating a display at a public library

Provide program opportunities for girls.

Service Teams organize program events where local troops of all ages can gather to participate in experiences beyond their own troop. Typical examples of Service Area events include cookie rallies, Bridging ceremonies, camporees, celebrations, service projects, or working with local partners on outings such as roller skating, swimming, or YMCA overnights. We realize that this year, Covid-19 creates additional challenges in developing safe Service Area events.

Wondering how to hold a service area event and still follow Covid-19 safety guidelines? Offering multiple program sessions, dividing into subgroups, and/or meeting outdoors, are all great options! Get creative, and partner with us to find new ways to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls in your area.

Host a virtual event! Check out our virtual event guide, which is full of tips as well as some step-by-step plans for hosting online events. Or, create your own! Have everyone join via zoom or google hangouts and invite each troop to teach or demonstrate an activity, game, or song that everyone can do from home. If supplies are needed, send out a list at least a week in advance. the program for you!

Want to host an event with less stress? Many of our service areas came up with creative ideas for fun, easy events! Here are some of the great examples they shared:

  • Partner with a business or community organization, such as nature centers or museums. They can do the program for you!
  • Ask an older Girl Scout troop to plan an event as a fundraiser for their troop. They can do the organizing!
  • Host a science fair, art show, or talent show. The girls can do their own programming!
  • Keep it simple. Outdoor movies, hiking trips, and outdoor game days don’t require much preparation!
  • Work with school or community groups, like drama clubs or cheer groups. They will often run a program as a fundraiser.
  • Create activity packs, that girls can pick up with supplies to complete projects at home.

Support and Enhance the Adult Volunteer Experience

Service Team members can be great mentors for new leaders, as well as provide local opportunities for training, networking, and appreciation events for volunteers!

Examples of volunteer support activities provided by Service Teams:
  • Host local enrichment trainings for volunteers, such as outdoor education, CPR, lifeguarding, and networking/idea-sharing sessions.
  • Provide Girl Scout books or troop start up supplies to new leaders
  • Create a mentoring program to match new troop leaders with experienced volunteers.
  • Host a robust service area social Facebook page, where ideas are shared, questions are answered, and local opportunities are posted.
  • Plan and implement fun, interactive service area leader meetings.
  • Identify exceptional volunteers within the service area and nominate them for council recognition. Awards include Volunteer of Excellence, Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin, Thanks Badge I & II. Criteria can be found here: Adult Awards
  • Offer volunteer appreciation and social activities such as a year-end leader dinner or celebration