Additional Activity Insurance

Activity Accident Insurance. Activity accident insurance is supplemental health insurance that protects registered Girl Scout members. Registered members are automatically covered under activity accident insurance when participating in all Girl Scout events and activities including trips that involve two (or less) overnight stays.

Important. The Basic Plan does not cover trips of more than two overnight stays. Trips that are three overnights or more are not covered under automatic activity accident insurance. Also, non-members are not automatically covered persons and international trips are not automatically covered trips. Additional activity accident insurance must be individually purchased for coverage under these scenarios. In simple terms, you will need to purchase extra activity accident insurance for outings and events that:

  • involve three or more overnight stays,
  • take place outside U.S. territory, or
  • include non-members, such as siblings and friends.

When planning activities and trips, note the required timelines for submitting the Plan 2, Plan 3E, or Plan 3PI insurance forms.