Girl Scout Cookie Program

Girl Scout selling cookies holding sign

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world, and it’s been in place for over 100 years! That’s a remarkable history, and it wouldn’t be possible without you! Volunteers are an invaluable part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. You are the champions, role models, and coaches who help girls discover their amazing potential and take steps toward achieving their goals.

Girl Scouts have many ways to sell cookies—in-person, online via the Digital Cookie platform, booth sales, walkabouts, and other creative ways Girl Scouts dream up. No matter which path they take—virtual, in-person, or both— she’ll be learning valuable skills.

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scouts learn…

This matters because…

Goal setting as they set cookie business goals individually and with their team and then create a plan to reach those goals.Goal setting as they set cookie business goals individually and with their team and then create a plan to reach those goals.

They develop a strong sense of self, cooperation, and team-building skills as they learn to set and reach goals to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.

Decision making by deciding what to do with their troop funds, how to market their business, and how to adjust their plans as they encounter challenges and new opportunities.

They develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that will help them make big and small decisions in their life; practice helps them make good decisions.

Money management as they develop and manage a troop budget, take cookie orders, track their sales, and gain confidence handling and managing money.

They gain practical life skills by knowing how to confidently handle, manage, and leverage money to do great things.

People skills as they learn how to talk to, listen to, and work with customers in person and virtually. Plus, they put teamwork into action as they reach their goals together.

These experiences help them develop healthy relationships and conflict-resolution skills for the future.

Business ethics as they learn to run their businesses using the Girl Scout Law as a guide, being honest and responsible every step of the way.

They practice putting the positive values they learn as Girl Scouts into action to become ethical leaders.