Making it Happen

You’re bringing the magic. You’re making Girl Scouts happen for girls.

Girl Scouts is a solid program that you – and your girls – can take in many different directions. The possible combinations of activities and earned awards are practically endless. Our advice? Stick to the simple basics. First, enjoy each other’s company. Then, use the Super Troop model to build a calendar plan with the variety of activities that girls and their families want to have in their Girl Scout year.  

This is the place to find council guidance and directions on several elements of the Girl Scout program. From making plans to documenting achievements to understanding Girl Scout language, this collection of pages is here to help, even at 10 o’clock at night.

Whether your Girl Scouts are ready to earn their next badge and make new friends at an art workshop, or you’re looking for training opportunities so you can keep bringing the magic, we’ve got an upcoming event to help you do it. Search for Girl Scout events near you.