You can use what we’ve already done.

So you’re ready to start planning Girl Scout meetings. Start by choosing a couple badges and field trips, and make time to get the girls’ input before finalizing the rest of the year. It’s important to let them influence their troop activity in big or small ways, in an age-appropriate way. That’s how you create a girl-led experience!

Suggested Year Plans

Draft a calendar plan that includes a variety of activity to keep the girls engaged, not bored. Use a pre-built outline or create your own unique plan. You’ll make a plan and then it will change. That’s how it goes and that’s ok!

  • Choose a pre-assembled Year Plan inside the Volunteer Toolkit.
  • Check out the national Troop Year Plan suggestions for every program grade level.
  • Earn Super Troop status and a free fun patch by including 9 simple activities in one year.
  • New troops at GSNWGL are eligible to receive Council Kits with quick-start supplies, while all troops are invited to use the printed resources available here.
  • Choose one badge and a complementary field trip from each of the four program pillars of Outdoors, STEM, Entrepreneurship, and Life Skills.
  • Select one Journey to earn and add in the complementary badges and suggested field trips.
Troop Meeting Resources

Once volunteers and girls have decided what to include in the year, use these resources to assemble the agenda. Pull together the pieces you like best.