New Leader Orientation is for volunteers in a Troop Leader or Assistant Troop Leader role. It shows what Girl Scouts is, what Girl Scouts do, and reviews the six steps to start or restart a troop.

You’ll know you’ve completed New Leader Orientation when you have:

  • completed the required gsLearn courses
  • attended a Coach & Confirm live-virtual meeting
  • reviewed the material we send you in the mail
  • prepared for the six steps to start a troop
  • finished these items within the first two months of your volunteer appointment
  • received a confirmation email that you’ve completed new leader orientation

Onboarding is the period of time when you practice putting your plans in action. In your first few months, you can set your own pace, moving to:

  • complete the six steps to start a troop, with council help (typically within one-four weeks of completing new leader orientation)
  • host six troop meetings, gaining experience and confidence along the way
  • optionally attend virtual training sessions just for first year volunteers
  • optionally complete additional gsLearn courses
  • get more familiar with Girl Scout resources and people