Step 1: Invite Girls

Whether you’re taking on leadership of an existing troop or starting a brand new one, personally inviting girls into your troop is vital to the success of the group and reaching the ideal troop size of 12-15 girls. Even though you’re just getting started as a troop leader, you can still be a great advocate for Girl Scouts! Capture your ideas on the worksheets in the Troop Start-Up Workbook.

Create a flyer or invitation. Our staff can help you – just ask!

Examples of invitation flyers.

Who’s in my parent/girl network? Who are the parents of girls in the grades I am serving who will want to know about this troop and help me get the word out?

How can I distribute my invitation to all girls in the grade(s) my troop will serve? Ask your classroom teacher, or share with your classroom parent email list. 

Who are the school staff and support professionals who will help support my new troop? Let your teachers, counselors, after-school coordinators, secretary or principal know you are welcoming new girls.

When can I host an information table? Set up a booth at school events or in the pick-up area. Our staff will provide materials.

Which social media options should I use? Post information on your personal social media page, school or community parent pages.

How can the girls get involved? Plan an event with the girls – and then ask them to invite their friends.

Which school communications can I use to reach more parents? What connections do I have to help me? Share with parent-teacher organizations, school newsletters, social media pages and more. As a parent or community member, you may have access to communication channels that council staff do not.

Some helpful tips:
  • Share the troop number with families so they can register online directly to your troop. Tell them to search for “Troop 1234” for example.
  • Be clear about which grades the troop will include. For example, is it a Brownie troop just for second graders, or second AND third graders?
  • If your troop will have more than one Girl Scout grade level, like Daisies plus Brownies, we call it a multi-level troop.