Step 3: Set the Meeting Schedule

Where should my troop meet?

Troops meet in public locations – a local school, a place of worship, the library, or some Girl Scout properties with available space. Choose a low-cost/no-cost option. Ensure the space is safe, secure, and clean. Consider the mobility needs of girls and caregivers who require barrier-free access to the space. Some meeting places may require a signed contract. Girl scout volunteers should NOT sign contracts in the name of Girl scouts unless explicit written permission is received from council staff. If the location you choose requires a certificate of liability insurance, contact Customer Care to make the request. 

When should my troop meet?

Every Girl Scout troop is different, but most troops meet twice a month. Some troops meet right after school and others meet in the evening or on a weekend. Other troops host one troop meeting and one field trip each month. Some troops meet virtually! Build a schedule that matches the age level and activity level of the girls. Older girls at the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador grade levels usually set their own schedule to work around their busy extracurricular schedules. 

How long should my troop meet?

The Volunteer Toolkit has 60-minute plans for Daisies and 90-minute meeting plans for Brownies and Juniors. Factors that might influence your decision include the travel time to and from the meeting, the ages of the girls, available locations, and the selected activity.

Update the troop search listing.

Connect with your local Girl Scout staff member for advice and to review the meeting details. When the schedule is set, it’s time to update the Troop Search Catalog, also known as the Participation Catalog. You could do it yourself in MyGS/MyTroops or ask council staff to do it for you. The best way to submit the details is the Troop Information Update link. 

What should I include in a typical Girl Scout year?

Troop leaders work with girls to select the year’s activities – it’s a girl-led experience so every troop is different. Follow the Super Troop outline for a well-rounded year of activity. Use the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) to get an idea of what a troop can reasonably accomplish in a year. 

Troop Tip: Girl Scouts is designed to be girl-led, so don’t plan out every detail of the year before your first meeting! Talk to the girls early on and give them some choices of activities, field trips, or badges.

Where can I find council activities, camp sessions, and local service area events to add to the troop calendar?

Enjoy attending an event that someone else planned! Visit our Events List to choose Council-organized activities like badge-earning workshops, camp sessions, and special events. Use the Advanced Search option to filter events by grade level, location, category, or keyword. New events are added throughout the year, so check back often. Another event resource is our Field Trip & Travel Partners page. Discover local organizations willing to host Girl Scout field trips for your troop. You might choose a host to help the girls complete a Step in earning a badge, or to plan a just-for-fun outing. Stay in touch with local staff and volunteers to learn about service area events.

How will I stay in touch with parents and caregivers?

Keep everyone in the loop! Make sure parents/caregivers know when and where your activities will be and how they can help. Keep your back-and-forth communication in one place, as much as possible, so everyone knows where to find Girl Scout messages, forms, dates, etc. 

Troop Tip: Ask about communication methods in the Parent/Caregiver meeting. Does everyone have a Facebook page? Or is email preferred, etc.