Step 5: Register Members

Our online registration system offers the fastest and most convenient way for girls and adult volunteers to join a troop. Once you have your troop number, share it with interested parents/caregivers and they can register directly to the troop after they create an account in MyGS.
Families do this:
  • Visit, and scroll down to click on Join
  • Create an account in MyGS and add a membership to the cart.
  • Select Find Troops, and search troops by zip code or troop number
  • Accept the Girl Scout Law and Promise.
  • Check out and pay the membership fee.
  • Receive a welcome email with next steps.
  • Check out the Parent/Caregiver view of the Volunteer Toolkit.
  • Search for more events, camps, and opportunities for their Girl Scout.
  • Financial aid is available for any girl experiencing a financial barrier to joining. Caregivers can select financial aid on the confirm member details screen.
Troop leaders see and do this:
  • Update troop meeting information in MyGS for parents/caregivers to find your troop details online.
  • Watch for email notification that a new member has been added to your troop (check your junk mail) and contact the family to introduce yourself and share troop meeting dates.
  • Check the troop roster from MyGS Member Profile on the Troop tab.
  • Welcome the girl and her caregivers at the next troop meeting.
Council staff support the troop like this:
  • Provide customer care to parents and volunteers with questions.
  • Assist troop leaders to keep the online Troop Information up to date.
  • Match, screen, and place adults into troop volunteer roles.
  • Promote Girl Scouts in your area and assist you in inviting members to join!