Bridging to Junior

What do Junior Girl Scouts do?

Junior Girl Scouts can take part in cool new experiences like going on an overnight at a science museum, attending a baseball game, visiting a wildlife preserve, making a robot, or trying new sports like archery. They can earn Journey awards, leadership awards, and the Girl Scout Bronze Award.

Earning the Bridging Award

To earn the Bridge to Junior Award, complete one bridging activity from the two bridging steps: Pass It On! and Look Ahead! These steps can be found in the handbook section of the Brownie Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

All Brownie Girl Scouts who become Junior Girl Scouts “fly up.” Girl Scout Wings should be given to each Brownie when they bridge to Junior Girl Scouts.

Bridging Step One: Pass It On!

Do one or more of the following or create your own:

  • Teach a group of Daisy Girl Scouts a favorite song, game, or craft from a Brownie Journey.
  • Have girls talk to Daisies about their favorite Brownie memories. Tell the Daisies what they have to look forward to. Show them what skills girls learned as Brownies or pictures of favorite trips.
  • Help Daisies create and decorate small message books. Pass the books around and write messages to the Daisies, telling them what makes them special or what they can look forward to as Brownies. Make sure each Daisy writes her name on the cover of her book!
  • Have girls share what they have learned about becoming Junior Girl Scouts and why they are excited to “fly up”.

Bridging Step Two: Look Ahead!

Spend some time with Junior Girl Scouts. Do one or more of the following or create your own:

  • Ask Junior Girl Scouts what activities they loved doing as Juniors and why. Ask them to share their favorite memories of working as a team. See if they are willing to teach a favorite game or special Girl Scout activity. If any of the girls were also Brownie Girl Scouts, ask them how being a Junior was different from being a Brownie.
  • Talk to one or more Junior Girl Scouts who earned their Bronze Award. Wow! That is a big accomplishment. How did they choose their project? Who was on their team? What did they learn? What hints or tips can they share?
  • Attend a council event for Juniors in the spring before fourth grade.