Green Bay Community Service Partners

Nearby Girl Scout properties: Green Bay Service Center (Green Bay), Camp Cuesta (Bailey’s Harbor)

Golden House

The Golden House of Green Bay’s mission is to provide safety and support for victims of domestic abuse while leading efforts to end domestic violence in our community. They provide a variety of volunteer opportunities from helping with yard work, making activities, making cards for residents, and more! The Golden House can also provide age-appropriate and interactive presentations about healthy relationships. This experience can satisfy a Citizenship Badge for all ages at the same time as helping your community!

1120 University Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302 | 920.435.0100

Red Cross

Calling all Pint Size Heroes and Future Blood Donors!  Invite the American Red Cross to introduce what blood is, what it is made of, why donating blood is important, and how to advocate for blood donation.  Then, host your very own blood drive or help with a community blood drive.  Set up an opportunity with your local Red Cross: