Virtual Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Partners

Author Eileen Moskowitz-Palma

Eileen Moskowitz-Palma is the author of middle-level The Popularity Pact series, including books Camp Clique and School Squad.  As a former elementary school teacher and teacher at Sarah Lawrence College, Eileen provides an opportunity for young girls to earn their storyteller badges, work on creative writing activities, and speak with a published author.  This is a perfect fit for the My Family Story, Scribe, Screenwriter, or Novelist badge, and any of the It’s Your Story- Tell It! Journeys.

All of Eileen’s programming is done virtually.

Chesapeake Children’s Museum

Chesapeake Children’s Museum offers several vitural programs for Girl Scouts.  Check out the current lineup on their website! | 410.757.1675

Claster Educational Services

Jumpstart your college planning with Claster Educational Services!  Seniors and Ambassadors can pick from a wide range of higher-ed topics, including how your Badges, Journeys, and Awards can help you stand out on college applications!  These workshops are a perfect fit for the Ambassador College Knowledge badge. | 202.368.1888

Spark Business Academy

We have the pleasure of hosting Girl Scout badge programs, focusing on aiding girls develop confidence in their finanical decision-making skills, their business savvy, and their leadership abilities. We provide hands-on, collaborative programs for all Girl Scout levels. | 715.842.3614

Sticky Fingers Cooking

Sticky Fingers Cooking offers deliciously engaging badge classes to Girl Scouts of all ages! From Daisies to Ambassadors we can help your scouts earn their badges for Baking, Snacks, Simple Meals, STEAM, and more! | 480.432.2799

TwistsNTurns- Immersive Murder Mystery Experiences

TwistsNTurns presents a unique and interactive detective game experience in which Girl Scouts become active participants in our immersive stories, and must work together as a team to unravel the plot before time runs out! Our immersive escape room/murder mystery experiences are led by a detective facilitator. Girls will feel like they’ve entered into a movie or video game, as they will be looking for clues, solving puzzles and riddles, and trying to catch a culprit all while earning a badge! Through the use of animations and special effects, girls will experience an exciting, realistic mystery-solving experience that will put their detective skills to the test! 

Badges that can be earned: Daisy Making Choices, Brownie Senses/Making Games, Junior Detective/Digital Game Design, Cadette Special Agent/Finding Common Ground, Senior Truth Seeker/Game Visionary, Ambassador Digital Game Design | 424.666.7097


Complete Financial Literacy badges online with VicTreeFi courses. VicTreeFi is a female-founded company, dedicated to promoting financial education. The company’s co-founder was a Girl Scout.  VicTreeFi provides virtual courses for Girl Scouts that are self-paced and mobile-friendly.  Courses are built around national standards for financial literacy and take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Girl Scout can complete badge steps related to Financial Literacy badges. Courses are priced at $2 each.

17 E 37th St Unit 3 Savannah, GA 31401                                          
​​​​​​​ | 865.384.4405