Preparing & Planning

Safety first – and the Safety Activity Checkpoints is your go-to resource! Be sure to follow all the basic safety guidelines, like the buddy system and first-aid requirements, in addition to the specific guidelines for travel. Read the introduction section with the Standard Safety Guidelines and the “Trips and Travel” checkpoints. These two sections have answers to your questions about transporting girls, sleepaway plans, booking accommodations, and adult-girl ratios (more adults are required for field trips and travel than for a regular troop meeting).

Our council has a specific approval process for travel; review the Troop Travel Guide and complete the necessary notification forms.

Note that extended travel (more than two nights) is not covered under the basic Girl Scout insurance plan and will require additional coverage. (*On Federal holiday weekends only (e.g. Labor, Memorial Day) basic insurance is extended to three nights. All other trips three nights or more require additional coverage).