How to Fund the Fun

Troops flex their financial muscles in two distinct ways: 
  • The Girl Scout Cookie Program and other sales of Girl Scout–authorized products (such as calendars, magazines, or nuts and candy), organized by your council. All girl members are eligible to participate in two council-sponsored product sale activities each year with volunteer supervision: the cookie program and one other council-authorized product sale. Please remember, volunteers and Girl Scout council staff don’t sell cookies and other products—girls do. 
  • Group money-earning activities organized by the troop (not by the council) that are planned and carried out by girls (in partnership with volunteers) and that earn money for the group.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the primary money-earning activity for a troop. If a troop participates in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they are eligible to participate in a limited number of additional fundraising activities. 

We get it—there’s something exciting about opening that first case of Girl Scout cookies.  However, before your girls take part in all the cookie program fun, it’s important they have a clear plan and purpose for their product-sale activities. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to facilitate girl-led financial planning and fundraising in other ways as well. 

Navigate the pages below to learn more about the other ways troops can earn money to ‘fund the fun’!