Submitting Troop Finance Reports

Preparing and Submitting a Troop Finance Report

The Troop Finance Report is due by May 31 each year. It’s submitted online in MyGS/Volunteer Toolkit. Three volunteer roles have access to the report: the Troop Leader, the Assistant Troop Leader or the Troop Treasurer. There are three parts to the report.

  1. Complete the online Annual Troop Finance Report in the Volunteer Toolkit
  2. Attach the completed Troop Finance Log, a spreadsheet of all income and expenses from May 1 of the previous year through April 30 of the current year
  3. Attach the troop bank account’s April 30 bank statement

See below for detailed directions and a video tutorial example.

In the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) you’ll be able to save your work and come back to the report at a later time. The report won’t be visible to others until the “submit” button is selected. Once the report is submitted, you’ll no longer be able to edit the report. Other troop volunteers and parents will see summary totals only.

“How-To” Directions for Submitting Your Annual Troop Financial Report
Before You Get Started

Get the following documents in digital format, titled with the troop number and the year (the preferred file formats are pdf, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets):

  • The troop’s April bank statement
  • The completed Troop Finance Log, documenting revenues and expenses from May 1 of the previous year to April 30 of the current year

Get the name and address of your bank, and the last 4 numbers of your troop bank account.

Accessing the Finance Report

To access your troop finance report, go to and log in to MyGS. Open the Volunteer Toolkit and click on the Finance tab at the top of the screen.  

The troop financial report is divided into six sections.  

  1. Income
  2. Expenses
  3. Financial Summary
  4. Bank Information
  5. Council Notes and Questions
  6. Document Upload
Section 1: Income

Input the amount of money your troop received in the following categories:

Troop Dues – The total amount of troop dues you received from caregivers or the financial assistance received from GSNWGL to cover any troop dues. 

Fall Product Program – The total amount of all deposits made during the Fall Product Sale.

Cookie Program – The total amount of all deposits made during the Cookie Program. If you still have cookies to sell, there is a section at the end of the report to let us know how many you still have left to sell.

Donations – Any monetary donations your troop received from May 1 of the previous year to April 30 of the current year.

Money Earning Activities – Any money the Girl Scouts in your troop earned outside the product program sales, from council-approved money-earning activities.

Other Income – Any other income received by your troop. Please explain what the income sources are in the note section. (If your troop received financial aid reimbursements for membership fees for girl or adult members, that goes here.)

Section 2: Expenses

Input the amount of money your troop spent in the following categories.

Membership Fees – GSUSA membership registration fees paid for out of troop funds.

Uniforms, Badges, & Patches – Any uniforms, badges or patches paid for with troop funds.

Troop Supplies – Any supplies purchased for troop meetings or badge or Journey activities.

Trips & Council Events – Any money spent on troop field trips, overnights, extended travel, or council events.

Camp Fees – Any money spent to send girls in the troop to camp(s).

Community Service Projects – Any money spent on community service or Take Action projects or philanthropic donations.

GSNWGL Fall Product ACH Withdrawal – The total amount pulled from the troop account during the Fall Product Sale.

GSNWGL Cookie ACH Withdrawal – The total amount pulled from the troop account during the Cookie Program.

Other Expenses – Any other expenses during the year. Please explain what the expense sources are in the note section.  

Section 3: Financial Summary

This section will auto populate once you enter your starting balance. New troops will have a starting balance of $0. If this is not your troop’s first year, your starting balance should match the ending balance you reported in the previous year’s troop finance report.  

Section 4: Bank Information

Provide the name of your bank, the branch name (if applicable), the last 4 numbers of your troop bank account, and the names of the adult members who are authorized signers on the account.

Section 5: Council Notes and Questions for Troops

In this section, share these details.

  • Is your troop is planning on returning next year or not (or if you don’t know yet)?
  • Do you still have cookies left to sell?
  • Are there deposits that will be made or have been made after April 30, and therefore are not yet accounted for in the troop income and expense lines?
  • Who serves as the Troop Treasurer?  

Once you hit submit, you will no longer be able to make changes to your troop financial report. You will receive an email with a copy of your submitted report to keep with your troop files.  

Section 6: Document Upload

When you submit the report, a pop-up window will prompt you to upload the required documents (the Troop Finance Log and the troop’s April bank statement). Now you’re done! Your report will be reviewed by a council staff member. If there are questions, someone will reach out to you via email or phone. If everything looks good, you will receive an email notifying you that the report has been reviewed and approved.  

Note: Failure to submit a troop finance report on time may result in a volunteer suspension. If you anticipate any delays in submitting your report or if you need additional help, please send an email to