In-Kind Donations

An In-Kind Donation is a voluntary contribution of goods or services received from a company, business, civic organization, or individual that can be used to advance the mission of Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes, Inc.

Local sponsors can help councils power innovative programs for Girl Scouts. Community organizations, businesses, religious organizations, and individuals may be sponsors and may provide group meeting places, volunteer their time, offer in-kind donations, provide activity materials, or loan equipment. Encourage your girls to celebrate a sponsor’s contribution to the troop by sending thank-you cards, inviting the sponsor to a meeting or ceremony, or working together on a Take Action project.

For information on working with a sponsor, consult your council, which can give you guidance on the availability of sponsors, recruiting guidelines, and any council policies or practices that must be followed. Your council may already have relationships with certain organizations or may know of some reasons not to collaborate with certain organizations

If a troop or Service Area desires to solicit in-kind products, Council approval is necessary prior to a troop or Service Area approaching any business or organization for contribution of a product.

If approved, and your troop receives a solicited in-kind donation, a Solicited In-Kind Gift Acceptance form must be completed by both the donor, and you, the recipient. 

The donor will complete the entire top portion of the form. Note: The value of a donation must be determined by the donor; the receiving nonprofit is not permitted to provide a valuation of the property it receives. The IRS requires that the donation be priced at its “fair market value.”  Once accepted, the donated item(s) become the property of the GSNWGL.

Once the form has been completed by the donor, you may complete the bottom portion of the form.

Once completed, return form to: 

Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes
ATTN: Fund Development Department
4693 N Lynndale Drive,
Appleton WI, 54913
FAX: (920) 734-1304